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Stratus    - Sledge Hockey Sled

Using advance manufacturing technologies to create the lightest and stiffest sled on the market. The Stratus is designed with extreme strength in mind  by using some of the strongest and lightest materials on the market including 7075 aluminum and carbon fiber. The Stratus  sled offers a one piece main frame design removing fatigue cracking that    occur s commonly on welded aluminum frames.  Since the Stratus is machined out of a single piece of aluminum there is minimal chance of frame and blade misalignment ensuring    smooth and agile on ice operation.  


Grey Space Adaptives does not want to build just another Sledge. We really want to provide a competitive , lightweight , and  strong sled that will create a competitive advantage over any other sled on the market. 


Zero Weld Main Frame

Unlike other manufacturers Grey Space Adaptives have removed all welding from the main frame of the Stratus One this allows the use of more exotic and lighter weight materials while maintaining strength and stiffness. 

Screenshot 2023-05-29 191432.png

Adjustable  Frame Length

The Stratus one allows the user up to 3 inches frame adjustment  to ensure comfort and  proper body positioning.


Carbon  Options

Grey  Space Adaptives is exploring the uses of carbon fiber in there frame bars and  buckets to reduce the sleds moment of inertia  promoting speed and agility like no other sled on the     market. 

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